Career Summary Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Milorad Papic, Life Fellow IEEE, is a full-time independent consultant in the fields of power systems planning and reliability.

After receiving his M.Sc. degree from Zagreb University and D.Sc. degree from Sarajevo University, Milorad worked in the System Planning department at Idaho Power for 25 years, until his retirement in April 2020.

Prior to arriving at Idaho Power in 1996, Dr. Papic held an Associate Professor position at Sarajevo University; he is also an Adjunct Professor of Electrical Engineering at the University of Idaho.

His areas of expertise include power system planning, reliability modeling and evaluation of power systems, risk assessment in electric power systems, cascading, and resilience. To date, he has published more than 100 technical papers in Refereed Journals and Conference Proceedings in the aforementioned areas.

Milorad has been a speaker, invited presenter, and panelist at numerous IEEE PES conferences and panels, presenting on a diverse range of topics in reliability and cascading in power systems.

Expertise in the planning, reliability & resilience of power systems.

He is presently a chair of the IEEE Working Group on Probability Applications for Common Mode and dependent Events (PACME) in Electric Power Systems, and the co-chair of the IEEE Composite System Reliability Task Force.

Dr. Papic is also a representative member from CIGRE US National Committee in CIGRE Working Group C4.47 on Grid Resilience, and a former Chair of IEEE Risk, Reliability and Probability Applications Subcommittee (RRPAS).

He has been a long-time leader within North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) and Western Electricity Coordinating Council (WECC) industry groups, analyzing transmission outage data in order to determine trends and support the application of probabilistic methods to transmission planning and cascading prevention in bulk power systems.

He was the General Chair of the International Conference on Probabilistic Methods Applied to Power Systems (PMAPS), successfully held in Boise, Idaho in 2018.

Awards & Distinctions

IEEE Fellow
PES Outstanding Engineer Award (OEA)
IEEE, Chicago
AMPS Committee Recognition Award
PES Technical Committee Working Group Recognition Award (Chair: M. Papic)
Chamber of Commerce, Twin Falls, ID
Minority Small Business Advocate of the Year Award
Research Fellowship (financial support by British Council, US DOE and UK Royal Society)
Yugoslav Committee Paper Recognition Award
1989 – 1990
Post-Doctoral Fellowship (funded by EC DG-XII Brussels)
1978 – 1979
Moscow Power Institute, Russia
Doctoral Fellowship (advisor: Professor V. A. Venikov)