Pioneering research, standards, analysis & recommendations across all facets of power systems.

Power System Planning, Reliability, Resilience & Risk Analysis

Probabilistic Reliability Analysis

Applying probabilistic planning methods to develop the most reliable long-term planning strategies in interconnected power grid.

Using WECC’s wide-system node-breaker models to perform reliability assessment and complying with the NERC TPL-001-4 planning standard.

Using probabilistic tools to compare substation design options based on a set of reliability indices.

Benchmarking historical performance against predictive future performance at the delivery-point.

Evaluating adequacy of generating capacity by different regions.

Monitoring reliability trends based on delivery point performance.

Development and implementation of a risk-based contingency approach for transmission planning and operations.

Analyzing the effect of load forecasting uncertainties on the reliability of bulk power systems.

Analyzing the impact of wind and solar variability on the resource adequacy for bulk power systems.

Cascading Outages & Blackouts in Power Systems

Developing and implementing a practical approach to assess the effects of extreme contingencies with respect to NERC standards.

Identifying the system’s most vulnerable double contingencies that could lead to widespread disruptions and cascading.

Risk assessment methods for analyzing cascading outages and identifying future challenges in industry applications.

Benchmarking and validation of cascading tools.

Identifying and analyzing the effects of complex-extreme contingencies that lead to voltage instability, widespread power disruptions and the vulnerability of the power grid to cascading.

Transmission Outages & Performance Indicators

Common mode and dependent outages, and the representative reliability indices for typical transmission elements and generation units from available outage data systems.

Identifying and resolving issues with common-mode outages in bulk electric systems.

Enhancing the structure and concepts of transmission outage data system.

Structure and concepts of the NERC Transmission Availability Data System (TADS).

Enhancing the collection and analysis of bulk transmission availability data.

Transmission Planning & Operation

Identifying optimal mitigation measures to increase transfer capability in planning and operation environment.

Identifying maximum transfer capability along critical paths using seasonal nomograms.

Implementing a security-based approach for determining safe transfer limits.

Renewable integration studies regarding the impact on power system operation and planning.

Integrated frameworks for NERC compliance, including identification of optimal remedial actions for mitigating the violations under Transmission Planning (TPL) Standards.

Enhancing the security of power systems by implementing the state estimator and synchrophasor network.

Assessing transfer capability and constructing seasonal nomograms in planning and operations.

Power Grid Resilience

Boosting the resilience of electricity infrastructure.

Assessing the impact of transmission upgrades on power grid resilience.

Effects of interdependencies and regulatory frameworks on grid resilience.